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Translation and validation of the portuguese version of the perception of the effectiveness of various strategies for supervision of the clinical supervisor questionnaire: A pilot study

Olinda Roldão | Isabel Guimarães | Maria Dulce Tavares



Purpose: To translate to the Portuguese language and culture and to do a preliminary study of the psychometric properties of the perceived effectiveness of various supervision strategies survey-to the clinical supervisor. Methods: The study consists of two parts: the goal of the first stage was to culturally adapt the instrument to the Portuguese language. The process involved trans- lation, consensus analysis, expert committee review and pre-test. Validity was tested with Factor Analysis, internal consistency by Cronbach’s alfa and construct validity through Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin. On the second stage, the questionnaire was applied to 49 final students of Speech and Language Therapy Undergraduation, with an average age of 23 years old and its preliminary valid- ity and reliability was studied. Results: A strong internal consistency for the totality of the instrument (α=0,853), for four of its dimensions (α between 0,908 and 0,738) and a moderate consistency for the other dimension (α=0,510) was achieved. Factorial analysis results explain 63,4% of the total variable. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure was 0.601 and Bartlett’s test of sphericity was highly significant (p <0.001). Conclusion: This instrument has shown to be a good working basis for clinical supervisors and it is proposed the validation process in future studies with a larger sample to test its stability and robustness.


KEYWORDS: Speech and Language Therapy; Clinical supervision; Clinical supervisor; Survey; Psychometric preliminary study 


Citation: Roldão O, Guimarães I, Tavares, MD. Tradução e validação da versão portuguesa do questionário da perceção da eficácia das várias estratégias de supervisão do supervisor clínico: Estudo piloto. Revista Portuguesa de Terapia da Fala (APTF), 2014, 1: 33-40.
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